2013: The New Market and Buyers-What a Seller Should Know

Everyone has observed that there is an increase in the real estate activity in many parts of the nation. For a couple of months now, people in the market and in the industry have been talking about how the3 consumers have developed a positive outlook in buying and that they are back in the mortgage game; how it has been cheaper to own a home than to rent one; and that sellers have found a market for their homes which they have though would be impossible to sell.

If you are planning to sell your property, it would be better to understand how the mind of today’s buyers’ work, to completely understand what they experienced and the limitations on what they would agree to do and refuse to do to have their own home.

The Housing Crash Hit Them home buying

Those buyers may be old buyers, old persona in the mortgage scene, those people who have been a buyer long before the housing crash, planning to own a house during that time and didn’t go with the deal, some may have purchased a house that time and some may have lost their properties due to the crash. Whatever their role is during the crash, it would still retain the fact that they are experienced people, majority of them are those who decided to wait on the sidelines, and waiting on how low the prices and interest rates could go. They are wiser than you think. They are the buyers who went out from the waiting as they build enough confidence on the market.

Even New Home Buyers Are Well Informed

Really, new home buyers are not dull when it comes to mortgage. They could be young professionals, couples, oldies, but they are well informed. They are keen to information, just watching how the mortgage industry works, surfing the net for the recent conditions in the market, listening to what their friends could say about mortgage, very observant people who knew how the market goes up and down. They may be even aware how unstable the market is and have decided this is the best time to get the best deal.

They Trust the Market

May a buyer be new to the business or may be old and knows what to do and what they are doing, they share one common thing, they have re developed and re established trust for the market. They can be individuals, who have been renting for all these years and came across a mortgage calculator and decided to give it a try, or recently visited their banks and is encouraged by their to take advantage of the record low interest rates or even conversed with a friend who just bought a house.

They Already Formulated a Goal

These buyers have formulated one major goal in mind even before they have entered the market, it is already solid as rock. Whatever they have experienced before, these buyers for sure have heard how low interest rates are, how home prices are going to rise, and how their previous rent could go up. Now, all they are up to is to get in the trip, and they are no way they are going to miss this.

They are willing to Spend but They Know What they are doing

Buyers nowadays wouldn’t mind paying the cost just to close the deal and get the keys. Some might even take those small costs for granted, paying without the question as they know that they are saving a lot more than they have spent, however, these buyers can easily recognize a bad deal from a good one. Both experienced and inexperienced in the mortgage market have already gathered all the information they would need. And basically, they know what they are doing.


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